PPP bodysurfing Hand boards updated handstraps

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PPP bodysurfing Hand boards updated handstraps

PPP body surfing hand boards recently updated our handstraps which are used to tether your hand to the bodysurfing handboards.   Testing of these body surfing hand-straps has been rigourous.  

The new bodysurfing handstraps are made with quality materials and made locally.   The material is significantly more comfortable and whilst it is more expensive it is worth the additional cost.  PPP bodysurfing hardboards has not passed this cost onto you our customers.

The earlier versions of the hand straps had been outsourced offshore and were based on a variety of hand-straps that can be seen in the market place.  One of the issues with the previous version of bodysurfing hand-straps was that the bodysurfer using the hardboards could get hand cramps after about an hour in the water.  No cramps have been reported by our bodysurfers when testing the new body surfing hand-straps.


PPP Handboards and handstraps are superb quality

One reason for upgrade the quality of our handstraps is that the old handstraps were unforgiving and resulted in hand cramps after 45-60mins bodysurfing …. somewhat ticklish :(

PPP bodysurfing Handplanes are uniquely designed linear planning bodysurfing handplanes. This design allows the handplane to change direction at any speed and it gives the bodysurfing handplanes tremendous straight-line speed which is very helpful when trimming along the wave face.     

PPP body surfing Handplanes have two distinct designs:



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