PPP bodysurfing handplane VeloMX uses a small fin for body surfing control

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PPP bodysurfing handplane VeloMX uses a small fin for body surfing control

PPP bodysurfing Handplanes VeloMX product has a single fin which is very helpful when the body surfer wants to trim for along the wall … 

Bodysurfers like to trim along the wall as the wave unfolds so they can bodysurfing in the power pocket of the wave.  PPP bodysurfing Handplane VeloMX is made from  locally grown paulownia wood


PPP bodysurfing Handplanes are uniquely designed linear planning bodysurfing handplanes. This design allows the handplane to change direction at any speed and it gives the bodysurfing handplanes tremendous straight-line speed which is very helpful when trimming along the wave face.     

PPP body surfing Handplanes have two distinct designs:

  • The Edge is a flexible bodysurfing handplane based on the triplane design, using epoxy and, either eglass or carbon, and
  • The Velo bodysurfing hand plane is made from 

Both designs have common themes incorporated into the bodysurfing handplanes.   The PPP Handplanes designs are drawn from power boat configuration.   For bodysurfers, it is important to have the design based on semi-displacement hulls so that the bodysurfing handplanes would plane out  & turn.   This semi-displacement aspect can be better described as “linear planing”:

“The straight, back half of the rocker line allows the tail of the board to rise up onto a plane at low speeds, like a power boat getting under way.   But no matter how fast the board eventually gets going, it doesn’t want to plane-out laterally…because of the convex hull.   The bulk of the lift is generated length-wise, nose to tail.  The lateral, rail-to-rail lift is negligible.   This gives his boards tremendous straight line speed without building up side-to-side pressure…which limits banking over into a turn at high speed.”

The essential ingredients in designing the bodysurfing handplanes were a mildly kicked nose, flat tail rocker, a “high-in-the-nose-to-lower-in-the-tail” rail line and “neutral handling”.



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