PPP handboards bodysurfing video with Rusty

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PPP handboards bodysurfing video with Rusty

Rusty uses our awesome Velo Midi handboard for bodysurf

PPP Handboards Velo Midi is Rusty's "tool of choice."

He appreciates the state of the art design and new shape. It is extremely manoeuvrable, and is a super controllable handboard that allows optimal performance in the critical energy zone or the “pocket” of the wave.

Our improved Velo Midi offers our uncompromising design, improved technology and streamlined fluid dynamics.

Our PPP Handboards are beautifully handcrafted from locally and sustainably grown paulownia wood in Australia.

For a lot of people, you won't get what's the big deal until you bodysurf with our extraordinary handboards for the first time.  A mildly kicked nose, flat tail rocker, a “high-in-the-nose-to-lower-in-the-tail” rail line and “neutral handling” all contribute massively to achieving the best ride you are ever going to feel on a handboard or handplane.

Our handboards come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers ( Free returns for 30 days) and we ship our insanely popular PPP Handboards anywhere in the world every day (US, Brazil, Europe).






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