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Hey my name is Cameron C.  I have owned your hardboards and appeared on the PPP Instagram page.  I just wanted to let you know these hardboards are great.  In my most recent youtube video, https://youtu.be/QyHHWan4lbI, it was all about the hardboards.  In one video my dad, Sal , was keeping up with me on my boogie board.  These boards are so fast and make it so easy to catch almost any waves.    Thank you for your time Cameron Castro   Ed: Thanks Cameron ... we love the vid and your point about the speed of your Dad's Carbon Edge...

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Sal and Cam have VeloSX PPP bodysurfing handboards as well as a Carbon Edge bodysurfing handplane ... this from Sal & Cam "  On 18 Oct 2016, at 2:45 AM, Sal wrote: Hi Damien, We finally had a swell come in and we were out early to test out the new board.  I really liked the carbon board as it was as if I was on a long board and could catch the wave from farther out.  I enjoyed the speed and never had a problem with moving it around.  Cameron felt it was a little too big for him so...

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