Bodysurfing Handboards by PPP Handboards give our bodysurfers the ultimate thrill

PPP Handboards for bodysurfing are linear planning hand boards for body surfing.   Our craftsmanship and quality are the key ingredients used to deliver our Velo and Edge hand plane designs to our bodysurfing customers.

The Velo handboard design is built using sustainably grown eco-friendly paulownia wood for bodysurfing.

The Edge handboard design is delivered using e-glass or carbon for bodysurfing.

As kids we grow up playing in the surf, bodysurfing … riding surfmats … soft boards then surfboards… paipos … hand boards and handplanes experimenting with different models … tweaking … take out trays provided the basis for many body surfing sessions … the brown ones were terrific … you know the ones at the fast food chain … they are stiff enough to carry your meals … but there is flex …

A background building edgespoons, under the tutelage of Paul Gross and with input from George Greenough bought the evolution to flexible bodysurfing handboards.

There is a great feeling ..trimming down the line .. looking ahead and getting into the pocket and jumping to high speed … seeing the wall stand up … picking the point ahead and focusing on it ….brings a smile to your face.

PPP Handboards designs and sells handboards that are linear planing boards based on the concept of water displacement. More information can be found on our Design information page.