Some Famous Bodysurfing Beaches:

There are countless places around the world that offer good bodysurfing waves. Here is a selection of some bodysurfing spots around the world.

Manly Beach - Sydney, Australia

Great beach to bodysurf all year round; Manly Beach is a great place to go in Australia. There are consistent waves available most of the year. During winter in Sydney only 2 beaches have flagged areas for bodysurfing all winter, Manly and Bondi.

PPP Bodysurfing handboards Velo handboards Marcus at Manly

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Bondi Beach - Sydney, Australia

An early start at Bondi Beach will find the bodysurfing flags up in the middle of the beach and a great team out bodysurfing …. A great beach to bodysurf and to enjoy the welcome surrounds of Bondi Beach. There are consistent waves available most of the year.

Bondi great for bodysurfing handboards and bodysurfing handplanes in the morning

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Las Escolleras beach - Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Las Escolleras Beach in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico is a world-class bodysurfing beach where the waves can power through.  It is home of the annual body surfing competition the Torneo Internacional de Bodysurf Las Escolleras.

Bodysurfers on the wave in Mexico great for body surfing hand boards

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The Wedge - Newport Beach, California

The Wedge is one of the most famous bodysurfing breaks in the world. It is located in Newport Beach California.   Wave faces here can reach upwards of 20 feet on big south swells and hurricane-generated swells during the spring, summer, and fall. Known as a proving ground for the world's best, The Wedge is for the most experienced bodysurfers only.

The Wedge is awesome for bodysurfers handboards and handplanes

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Sandy Beach - Southeast Oahu, Hawaii

Sandy Beach is a bodysurfing nirvana. The waves break close to shore over sand. They get very hollow over the shallow bottom which produces terrific barreling waves. The consistent easterly trade winds create wind swell waves all year round.

Hawaii bodysurfers use hands bodysurfing handboards and handplanes

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Pipeline - North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

The biggest bodysurfing event of the year, the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic, runs annually at Banzai Pipeline.  Once a year this event offers a chance to get Pipeline for bodysurfers only.   Definitely a wave for the experienced only and it’s best not to try to learn to body surf in the lineup.

North Shore great for bodysurfing handplanes and body surfing handboards

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Waimea Bay - North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Waimea Bay  is the most popular bodysurfing spot on the North Shore.  The wave breaks on the shore and can be thick and knarly.  The currents rage when it gets big, so you must wear fins or the lifeguards will not let you out.  If you're ready for the big barrels and an absolute smashing then Waimea Bay is the break to try (no pun intended!).

Hawaii reknown for bodysurfers handboards and handplanes

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Oceanside Pier - Oceanside, California

Home of the World Bodysurfing Championships, the waves at the Oceanside Pier are great for bodysurfing.

Bodysurifng handboards bodysurfing handplanes world championships

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Point Panic - South Shore Oahu, Hawaii

The only beach on the island that is exclusive to bodysurfers. The south swell lights up the Point with sensational right barrels.

Bodysurfers love Point Panic for bodysurfing handplanes

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As seen in many surf movies in recent years, the perfect waves of Indo are also great for bodysurfing when the conditions are right. A smaller day in Indo and you could be bodysurfing for ages….

Indo has great bodysurfing for handboards hand planes

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