Bodysurfing Fins

There are lots of different types and brands of bodysurfing fins out there. Here is a short list of some of the more popular and innovative bodysurfing fins to get you started on your search for a new set of fins.

Force Fin’s Rip Force

Bodysurfing handboards bodysurfing handplanes fins by Rip Force

These bodysurfing fins are expensive … however I have had my set for 7 years … so great value after the initial investment.

If you have a flat broad foot and suffer from foot cramps … these are the fins for you because they slide on the body surfer’s foot leaving the toes free.

Rip Force are optimized for body surfers.

The clean edges cut through the water without turbulence or interference for quick changes in direction and extra control.

Rip Force have patented side-supported for stability, adjustable over-the-top foot pocket that adjust down for a cushioned fit when barefoot or up to fit over your wetsuit bootie.

They also feature vortex Generators to keep water flowing.. Rip Force

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Churchill fins have a patented design, which gives you power and acceleration for bodysurfing waves. These fins float and have some other characteristics that make them a great bodysurfing fin.  The rubber foot pocket is soft which helps foot comfort and includes a drain hole.  However the rubber found on the blade is stiffer which provides for more power when the body surfer is kicking.

Body surfing hand boards fins by Churchill for handplanes use also

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The V-5 MODEL is designed to be an all purpose fin for both bodyboarding and bodysurfing.  It has a five inch blade with the vertical side rails slanted down to a narrows tip.  This slim profiled VIPER is very lightweight and has excellent acceleration, maneuverability, tracking, and burst speed.  It uses shorter, quicker kicks and is 100% recyclable, extremely durable, very lightweight, floats on the surface, and is ozone resistant which are good for bodysurfing.  Viper also offers a flex fin and the V7.  They are bright yellow in colour and are used by bodysurfers, bodyboarders, and lifeguards regularly. Viper Fins

Bodysurfing handplanes fins by Viper Great fins for bodysurfing handboards

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This fin was designed by bodyboarders for bodyboarders. So bear that in mind when you are purchasing fins for bodysurfing. Throughout the years they have added length for thrusting power and they have smoothed the edges on the A-Frame designed foot strap for maximum comfort on foot and ankle. Also features double drain holes, Lightweight, bottom 'X' Grips and they float.

Bodysurfing handboards floating fins by Custom X also great when body surfing handplanes

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shinfin™ leg fins wherever you might have used regular foot flippers and also in some cases where foot flippers are not suitable for bodysurfing. The one shinfin™ design suits all sports (unlike different foot flippers for different sports). Use them in the surf for body surfing, boogie/bodyboarding, kneeboarding, river boarding and surfing. Shinfin

Body surfing hand boards shin fins also good for bodysurfing with handplanes

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