An insight to the unique features that make these triplane shaped linear handboards the best! It presents our state of the art design: a mildly kicked nose, flat tail rocker, a “high-in-the-nose-to-lower-in-the-tail” rail line and “neutral handling”.

Looking closely at the Edge, you can see the unique shape and design that helps to produce the key flex. Heaps of other suppliers talk about how they started bodysurfing using fast food trays like the Maccas trays which bend and flex … that’s why they were so much fun but then they don’t build flexible handboards … our Edge bodysurfing handplane bends and flexes whether you select our e-glass option of go for the 100% carbon bodysurfing handplane.

Yes a full carbon handplane that flexes … no foam in this baby!!

Handboards were a single dimension shape before our popular PPP handboards.  For a lot of people, you won't get what's the big deal until you bodysurf with our quality handboards for the first time. The mildly kicked nose, flat tail rocker, a “high-in-the-nose-to-lower-in-the-tail” rail line and “neutral handling” gives you absolute control over your handboard as you sizzle on your perfect ride.

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