PPP Handboards are linear planning handboards for bodysurfing, more about this later.  This allows the handboard’s straight tail to facilitate virtually any degree of directional change at any speed.    The bulk of the lift is generated length-wise, nose to tail when you use a PPP Handboard for bodysurfing.     The lateral, rail-to-rail lift is negligible.     This gives the handboards tremendous straight-line speed.  As well, PPP Handboards use flat tail lift, which give maximum planing in weak conditions and maximum trim speed at the top end.     

PPP Handboards have two distinct designs:

The Edge is a flexible handboard based on the triplane design, using epoxy and, either eglass or carbon, and 

The Velo design is made from locally grown paulownia wood using a combination of the original Velo shape and modifications from the input of the Triple P testing team.

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