Edge - Carbon bodysurfing handplane - Aussie $124.99 is about US $99

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Made from strong, lightweight Carbon, our most advanced performance bodysurfing handplane.

Sleek and slippery, sizzling F1 carbon sled racing down the line and trimming in the bowl.

Carbon Edge is the ultimate most advanced handboard using its speed, maneuverability and  state of the art triplane 'water bending' design 

Carbon Edge – the bodysurfing handboard / handplane !

From one of our customers in Huntington:


Hi Damien,

We finally had a swell come in and we were out early to test out the new board.  I really liked the carbon board as it was as if I was on a long board and could catch the wave from farther out.  I enjoyed the speed and never had a problem with moving it around.  Cameron felt it was a little too big for him so he stayed with the one we currently have.  We caught a little on the GoPro and Cameron made this video for you.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWZ9VHm8DSM&feature=youtu.be  "

Surfers: Bodysufers, surfers, SUP, bodyboarders, kiters, skimmers.

Conditions: 1’ up … rips in 3’

Purpose: Fun, Barrels, Green Room, ‘a good bashing’