Velo Handboard - 2. Midi (2-Handed)

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The Velo Midi is our extremely popular mid-range sized handboard for bodysurfing and is especially designed for two-handed use. The Velo Midi is highly maneuverable yet super controllable bodysurfing handboard that allows optimal performance in the critical energy zone or the “pocket” of the wave.

Our PPP Handboards are beautifully handcrafted from locally and sustainably grown paulownia wood in Australia. Each of our quality handboards is individually handmade using our unique water displacement design that gives you lift, speed and maneuverability.

Handboards were a single dimension shape before the Velo handboards.  For a lot of people, you won't get what's the big deal until you bodysurf with our extraordinary handboards for the first time.  A mildly kicked nose, flat tail rocker, a “high-in-the-nose-to-lower-in-the-tail” rail line and “neutral handling” all contribute massively to achieving the best ride you are ever going to feel on a handboard or handplane.

Our handboards come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers ( Free returns for 30 days) and we ship our insanely popular PPP Handboards anywhere in the world every day (US, Brazil, Europe).



    Materials Sustainably grown Australian paulownia timbrer
    Weight 354gm / 12.5oz (without handstrap)
    Dimensions Approximately 45cm x 25cm / 18" x 10"
    Handcrafted Individually multi-layered to meet our hull designs, includes handstrap and fin
    Wave Size Shreds in anything over 2 feet
    Skill Level The Velo desgn shape is a great all round wave board - pick the conditions you feel most comfortable in and it will do the rest.
    Overall The Velo is a "linear planing" board. It has a straight back half of the rocker line that allows the tail of the board to rise up onto a plane at low speed.